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204Re: [elfscript] beginning Quenya

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  • Angasule
    Apr 13, 2001
      Stephen Ross wrote:
      > I've been haunting around this list for a bit now, but I must confess that I
      > don't know either of Tolkien's elvish languages! I can write in tengwar
      > just fine, and I use it to correspond witha friend in an English mode we
      > arranged. Works quite well, I must say. But we've got bored of that, so we
      > wanna learn one of the languages now. I know Tolkien wrote more examples of
      > Q, and that its a more developed language than Sindarin. However, S as a
      > language appeals more to us, for its earthiness and because of its more
      > common use in ME. And of course, Legolas spoke it, and as we all know he
      > was the coolest in the Fellowship (who ELSE shot down a nazgul?!).. hee hee
      Quenya is a lot easier to learn than Sindarin (and I do mean a lot) and
      we know more about it's grammar and have more vocabulary for it, also,
      what you learn about Quenya will help you learn Sindarin later on if
      that's what you want. Take a look at the Sindarin article in the link I
      give below, and you'll see what I mean :)

      > Anyways, the point of all that is can anyone suggest a good place to start
      > learning? Where did ya'll learn it from? I know there are all sorts of
      > books and journals and stuff out there, cuz yer always reffering to past
      > issues. For those of us who don't have access to those however, life is a
      > bit tougher. Are there any good grammers or even lessons available on the
      > net? Where else would one look for such things?
      At http://www.uib.no/people/hnohf you'll find all you need! Check it
      all, links included (the Elfling list is a good place to learn).
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