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203Re: [elfscript] beginning Quenya

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  • Jeremie Knusel
    Apr 13, 2001
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      The most famous site for learning Tolkien's languages is probably
      ardalambion: www.uib.no/People/hnohf


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      Subject: [elfscript] beginning Quenya

      > I've been haunting around this list for a bit now, but I must confess that
      > don't know either of Tolkien's elvish languages! I can write in tengwar
      > just fine, and I use it to correspond witha friend in an English mode we
      > arranged. Works quite well, I must say. But we've got bored of that, so
      > wanna learn one of the languages now. I know Tolkien wrote more examples
      > Q, and that its a more developed language than Sindarin. However, S as a
      > language appeals more to us, for its earthiness and because of its more
      > common use in ME. And of course, Legolas spoke it, and as we all know he
      > was the coolest in the Fellowship (who ELSE shot down a nazgul?!).. hee
      > Anyways, the point of all that is can anyone suggest a good place to start
      > learning? Where did ya'll learn it from? I know there are all sorts of
      > books and journals and stuff out there, cuz yer always reffering to past
      > issues. For those of us who don't have access to those however, life is a
      > bit tougher. Are there any good grammers or even lessons available on the
      > net? Where else would one look for such things?
      > Any help you guys can give a beginner would be awesome! Thanks!
      > Stephen
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