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194Re: [elfscript] Re: phonemic english tengwar

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  • Lisa Star
    Mar 30, 2001
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      >From: Mans Bjorkman <mansb@...>

      >Lisa Star wrote:

      > > **something which is used for a schwa sometimes is an "underdot", a
      > > dot under a consonant. You might find it less trouble to write than the
      > > three dots.
      >Doesn't the underdot rather represent an _e_ that has been lost in
      >modern pronounciation? That is how Tolkien uses it in the title-page
      >inscription {her(e)in} and in the letter to Hugh Brogan {som(e)},

      **you are right, (in addition to its use to indicate no following /a/ in the
      Numenorean mode) but people have been using it for schwa anyway (and for the
      unstressed e, i, in shirt, were.) That's why I suggested it.

      ** Lisa Star
      ** LisaStar@...

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