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192Re: [elfscript] phonemic english tengwar

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  • jonathan wust
    Mar 30, 2001
      Lisa wrote:

      >**I'd like to point out that if you use a phonetic mode for writing English
      >it will represent your accent very clearly and so may be even more difficult
      >to read for your correspondent (who may be restricted to an understanding of
      >English as it is spoken with *his* accent). This is something of a problem
      >since much correspondence takes place among interested people in different
      >countries with a variety of accents. For this reason, it probably makes
      >better sense to stick to a more or less orthographic transcription of
      >English, keeping in mind that English pronounciation isn't close to its
      >spelling anyway and in addition, the spelling of words often gives some
      >information about their meaning. By this I mean, such important homophones
      >as to, two and too are distinguished in spelling but not pronounciation.
      >This would be extremely confusing to non-native speakers.

      Well, my point or my opinion is that -while speaking- people with any english accent understand each other (more or less). So this should also be possible while writing. And the same thing with the homophones: In spoken language, you dont differenciate them at all, but still, theres no problem about it.

      Arent there kind of standardized pronounciation for english? When I write english phonemically, I try to do stay as close as I can to the so called 'Oxford english'. Perhaps this is easier for me, because Im not a native speaker.

      People stick very close to the orthography they learnt at school. As Mans wrote (if Im right), Tolkien mainly staid with the traditional orthography. I didnt even know there were examples where he doesnt.

      Ive heard about a 'new english alphabet' created by Tolkien. Does anybody know if you can find it somewhere in the net?

      >**I have absolutely never seen the same mode of representation used by any
      >two writers in all the time I have studied the tengwar, and I once made a
      >study of this particular subject.

      It would be intresting to know these studies.



      (Sorry, Im not sure if this message has already been sent, I do it again.)

      Free eMail .... the way it should be....
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