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190Re: [elfscript] Re: phonemic english tengwar

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  • Lisa Star
    Mar 28, 2001
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      >From: "Stephen Ross" <Monkeyboy007@...>

      [snipping much]

      >One sound we found ourselves needing a lot is the schwa, kind of an /uh/
      >sound (the a in about, the u in under, etc). For this we use the reverse
      >triple dots (two over one). Presumably this sound didn't occur in elvish,
      >which is why JRRT never needed a tehta for it, but its one of the most
      >common sounds in the english language, and we definetly needed sumthin for

      **something which is used for a schwa sometimes is an "underdot", a single
      dot under a consonant. You might find it less trouble to write than the
      three dots.

      >Anyways, thats what me and my friend do. I'm sure all you phoneticists and
      >etc will have lots of reasons why we shouldn't do it that way, but hey, it
      >works well for us! And if the Elves could go around making up modes for
      >languages, why can't we? hee hee

      **I think you are doing exactly what you should be doing--having fun. The
      languages and alphabets were Tolkien's plaything, I don't see why they
      shouldn't be ours.

      ** (one of the phoneticists)
      ** Lisa Star
      ** LisaStar@...

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