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185phonemic english tengwar

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  • jonathan wust
    Mar 28, 2001
      Im not really happy with most of the tengwar modes for the english language Ive seen so far. (The best I knew is a very strange one, its sample 6b -if Im not wrong- in 'an introduction to elvish'.)

      In some aspects, almost everybody who uses the tengwar to write english still sticks to the english standard orthography. Specially with vowels. I mean, e.g. in almost all the modes I know, the vowels you hear in 'late' are represented with signs derived from an a-tehta like the three dots (or an a-tengwa as vilya or the single curl, depending on the mode), even though in the word 'late' theres no a-sound at all, but a glide from e to i. In the same way, people use to represent the vowels you hear in 'like' with signs related to an i-tehta (or, again, tengwa), even though these vowels dont have more to do with an i than those you hear in 'late': in both cases, the i-sound is nothing but the ending.

      I think theres no need for further examples. I just wonder if there are people who have made up their own all-phonemic tengwar mode.



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