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1803Quick question about Tenguar fonts

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  • shellnovski
    Mar 6, 2003
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      I have a favourite short poem that I like. Using the Quenya
      dictionary, I have translated it into Quenya which I enjoyed doing.
      The next thing I did was to use my Quenya windows fonts to write it
      in Quenya. I have found that depending on if I use the keyboard to
      type the sentences or use the mouse to click on the onscreen
      keyboard; writes it differently. The tenguar fonts are Dan Smiths
      version which is brilliant (happy with both - I realise that using
      the keyboard types out each letter whereas the onscreen keyboard puts
      vowels over letters). However, when I do the same with Tengscribe (it
      translates the entire lot together) it is different again (I love
      this too). All of them I have used Quenya translation. I want to
      select one of them but don't know which one to choose - which one do
      you think I should use for this particular inscription? I thought
      they would be the same. Is one more right than the other?

      With thanks,

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