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  • Mike <abrigon@yahoo.com>
    Mar 1, 2003
      Well phonetics, otherwise known as sounds and like..

      you can do script like English where there is one sign for 1-3 sounds,
      or you can do one charcater for one sound.

      Major thing is that Tengwar seems to be based on where the sound is in
      the human mouth (or elves mouth)..

      With platal - upper mouth, medial - middle of the mouth, and then
      lower part. also with dental - some part of the sound is made at the
      teeth. And then you have explosives, they are sounds that sort of
      explode from the mouth.

      Then there is voiced and voiceless. One has a vibration the other does
      not.. Bath the "th" is voiceless, while "th"en is voiced.

      Then you add things like glottals and stuff. Glottals are in the back
      part of your mouth (your upper throat).

      Fricative? Velar and more.. I expect you can find a book on the
      subject and the chart for where different sounds fit in the mouth,
      most use the international phoentic alphabet (wierd characters that
      look like roman (what we use for English) but are not normal.


      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, Stacey Spainhour <spain772001@y...>
      > how do i put the alphabet together with phonetics? this seems to be
      a mystery to me.
      > "Silvia <syl_wood@y...>" <syl_wood@y...> wrote:thank u everybody!
      > I'd like to get my name (Silvia) translated in sindarin but dunno
      > i could ask to!
      > i found a site where u can do that but im not sure thats reliable!
      > its:
      > http://www.barrowdowns.com/middleearthname.asp?Size=
      > syl
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