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1772Re: [elfscript] Need some help

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Feb 28, 2003
      teithant winterm7@...

      > WEll I tried to figure out how to translate a phrase
      > but got totally lost
      > between the different languages. THere are so many
      > different sites out there
      > that have translations but I'm not sure which ones
      > are the best. Can you
      > point me in the right direction?

      ah, the mot recommended wordlists for each language
      are two:

      no more confusion ;D

      > This was the phrase I was trying to translate into
      > Sindarin.
      > "To wherever it may lead"

      unfortunately we don't have the words 'however' and
      'may' in Sindarin :/ i hope someone else can tell you

      > How to say it phonetically would be great too or if
      > you can point me to a
      > site so I can try it myself that would be fine to.

      look for 'English Tengwar Modes'

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