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1703Re: Translating Italian into Elfscript.

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  • xeeniseit <xeeniseit@yahoo.com.ar>
    Feb 4, 2003
      Brook Conner teithant:

      > A somewhat less orthodox mode might allow tehtar to be drawn
      > *below* a tengwa as well as above. If you do this, then a pair of
      > vowels bracket one tengwa.

      That's attested in the Edwin Lodham's Manuscripts, DTS 50 and 51, and
      it's interesting that they don't show the same tengwar-tehtar order.
      DTS 50 has: 1st tehta above, 2nd tengwa, 3rd tehta below; DTS 51 has:
      1st tengwa, 2nd tehta above, 3rd tehta below. You may call it "less
      orthodox", but only because that's a rather unusual mode, not because
      it were not attested.

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