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147Re: [elfscript] Tengwar Parmaite font now available

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  • Helge K. Fauskanger
    Mar 2, 2001
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      Måns Björkman wrote:
      > Tengwar Parmaite font now available

      I installed it, and I can certainly recommend it. I find it very clear and
      legible. While no font can ever quite match the calligraphy that only a
      living hand can achieve, the Parmaite font looks nice and tidy. If I were
      to print a book in Tengwar, this font would probably be the one I would
      use, based on the alternatives I have seen. (Not that most of these
      alternatives were particularly bad, either!)

      Visiting Måns' site, I also noticed that the problems I have earlier
      experienced (my browser making an almost completely illegible mess of
      everything) were largely gone. I am glad, for this is an admirable site;
      Måns has done for the scripts what I have tried to do for the languages.

      - Helge Fauskanger
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