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1439Re: [elfscript] Radiance : English to Tengwar Quenya

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Dec 28, 2002
      teithant "Zara <mdmcholet@...>"

      > Hello,
      > Hoping you can help me, I want to translate
      > "Radiance" which my name
      > means in English to Tengwar Quenya. After looking
      > at a few online
      > dictionaries, found:
      > Alcare (`CjaE7R)
      > Alcar (`CjaE6)
      > Do you know which is the correct one?

      both are correct but you should prefer Alcare since -e
      is also a feminine ending (i presume you are a girl)

      we have also something like alta for radiance,
      attested in Galadriel's name (Altaariel)

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