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139Re: [elfscript] Tengwar Parmaite font now available

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  • Edward J. Kloczko
    Mar 2, 2001
      Mans Bjorkman a écrit:

      > > The double curls (for ú, ó) are missing.
      > As I understand, the "ligature" double curls only occur in the
      > ring-inscription style of writing. Doubled curls may be produced by
      > simply writing two consecutive curls.

      The published corpus of tengwar inscription is _very_ small compared to what
      Tolkien have done.
      The double curls could have been "usual" in the "Eregion Mode" (Sauron adapted
      it to BS according to "Gandalf"). I find it niecer to have one caracter
      instead of typing two.


      > > I have (as many) a photocopy of a text about numeral written
      > > by _hand_ by CT in which the luvar are in fact not closed.
      > And how would one go about obtaining such a photocopy?
      > > I don't know if my copy is the (2) text(s) as published in Quettar.
      > > Never had a copy of it.
      > Well, as they appear in _Beyond Bree_ (December 1984) the luvar are
      > unquestionably closed. And this version appears to be hand written by
      > Christopher Tolkien too, since it is signed "CRT after JRRT 16 May
      > 1981".

      An echange of our copies would be a good thing I guess.

      Anyone has a copy of the "Quettar" with the numerals?

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