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1348Re: Tengwar Font for Newbies - Evaluation

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  • gildir_2
    Dec 2, 2002
      --- In elfscript@y..., Dan Smith <dansmith@g...> wrote:

      > I've attempted to create some Tengwar fonts (based on my Tengwar
      > fonts) specifically for these Newbies. I understand that these new
      > will not contain the variety of Tengwar letters that my more
      > Tengwar fonts contain, but they should be perfectly usable for the
      > Tengwar fan who only wants to write their "insert phrase here".
      > Those members of "elfscript" who wish to help me by evaluating
      these fonts,
      > can download the fonts and related PDF documents at:
      > "http://www.geocities.com/fontwizard/eval/index.html"

      Perhaps you should try to devise a keyboard mapping to
      some variant of the Mode fo Beleriand instead. There's
      still the problem of language difference, of course,
      but it might be worth a try to design som kind of
      vanilla-flavoured Mode of Beleriand. Have a look at
      mu guide for Swedish (Beleriand), it might be a good
      start. Then remove stuff like diphthongs etc. See:


      (temp URL until we get forodrim.org back).

      But I must say that I'm doubtful to the whole idea.
      It could very easily lead to widespread and
      hard-to-exterminate misunderstandings. We should
      be careful to avoid that. The "inzert c00L phraze"
      tsunami will hopefully be over in a few years when
      the movie is considered hopelessly uncool.

      Gildir, Per Lindberg
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