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1321Re: [elfscript] tengwa-tehta-order

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  • DDanielA@webtv.net
    Nov 18, 2002
      Teithant xeeniseit:
      >Is there any attested example of a mode which has
      >the vowel tehtar placed on the preceding tengwar
      >AND uses the bar to represent nasals? I suppose there
      >isn't, but I better ask others than supposing

      Actually there might be. There is no attested example of the nasal bar
      itself, but there is a poorly attested Sindarin mode where the
      ómatehtar are placed on the preceding tengwar and where the bar would
      probably be used to represent nasalisation. In "Artist and Illustrator"
      we see Tolkien's tengwar rendering of _Lúthien Tinúviel_ in this
      mode, and in the 'Sotheby Letter' we see _Imladrist_ (sic) in this mode.
      In _Tinúviel_ ampa represents 'v' and in _Imladrist_ ando represents
      'd', so we must assume that nasalised stops are not written with grades
      2 and 4 as in Quenya. It is logical to assume that the nasal bar would
      be used as in the other known Sindarin tengwar modes.

      Cuio mae, Danny.
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