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1302Re: [elfscript] westron

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Nov 7, 2002
      teithant xeeniseit

      > Is there any place out there in the web where I can
      > get informations
      > about variants between different Westron modes? (I'm
      > afraid all the
      > libraries I have access to don't possess the books
      > about this.)

      no, there isn't information on any published book i
      think :) the known information is published in
      magazines like VT, TT and PE

      you can extrapolate knowledge from the english tengwar
      spelling and the english tengwar version of the King's
      letter (it's a full mode, like the Mode of Beleriand,
      and it's known as the northern variant)

      alo, try to look at my History of Elvish Writing in
      gwaith-i-phethdain (an old version unfortunately) for
      an analysis of them

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