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1300Re: [elfscript] Help on translation

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Nov 3, 2002
      teithant andy_boxman

      > Hi, i am trying to translate from english to tengwar
      > cursive using
      > sindarian(?) and would like to double check my

      you mean: translate from english to Sindarin, and
      transcribe it to tengwar

      the term "translate" is from one language to another..
      tengwar is a writing system not a language :)

      "cursive" is not a writing system, but a "hand".. the
      hand you use doesn't affect the way you transcribe
      with tengwar :)

      > results as i plan to
      > have this tattoed and would like it to be accurate.
      > the phrase is; Love all, trust a few, do harm to
      > none

      unfortunately i can help you with the first words:
      _melo bain_... i don't think the rest words are known

      > I have used the Tengscribe program but am not sure
      > if it translate's
      > into elvish before using the tengwar cursive font.

      no, this program is to transcribe the latin letters
      into tengwar.. it can't do any translations.. and
      however it's better to learn and write with tengwar
      yourself.. programs of this kind are never 100% trustful

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