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1225Re: is this translation right ?

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  • Petri Tikka
    Sep 17, 2002
      --- In elfscript@y..., Carl F. Hostetter <Aelfwine@e...> wrote:
      > On Tuesday, September 17, 2002, at 08:57 AM, Petri Tikka wrote:
      > > --- In elfscript@y..., "laurifindil" <ejk@f...> wrote:
      > >> Internet is *not* the best place to look for reliable
      informations or
      > >> studies on Tolkien's Languages. You should take time to read
      > >> Tolkien's books.
      > >
      > > Are you implying that all the linguistic essays in the internet
      > > bad and should not be read?
      > No, Edouard neither said nor implied that, as your own quote shows.
      > said that the Internet is not the _best_ resource. That is quite a
      > different thing from your restatement. Edouard's advice, as _he_
      > it, is sound.

      No, it is not, for *writings* and their *explanations* are two things
      which should not be confused. No thought, writing or anything related
      on Tolkien's languages not coming directly from Tolkien himself is to
      be considered reliable for information or study on them. That is
      because there was only one person who created the language: J.R.R.
      Tolkien. Anyone's thoughts on _his_ created languages are not to be
      trusted, even if we think it is plain and simple: reading always
      includes interpretation, because no text is complete and full.

      -Petri Tikka
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