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122Re : Update, please?

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  • Edouard Kloczko
    Feb 8, 2001
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      --- Dans elfscript@e..., Angasule <angasule@p...> a écrit
      > Michael Everson wrote:
      > >
      > > I found Helge's posting to Arden a bit offensive. Maybe he meant it
      > > tongue-in-cheek, but as someone who volunteers a great deal of his
      > > time doing charity work in the world of scripts and computing, I
      > > don't like to see other experts criticized that way. People have time
      > > to give away or they don't.
      > I understand what you say, but you're missing a big part of the
      > problem, I recommend you read Helge's article on copyright which tells
      > the whole story. You can also check the archives of Elfling and
      > Tolklang, no need to discuss the topic again, I think, unless something
      > changes.
      > Angasule

      It is extraordinary (o say the least!) that Mr. Arden Smith who has
      access to *thousands* of unpublished manuscrits pages by JRR Tolkien
      dealing with tengwar and sarati still "talks" here as if he was
      "blind" having at disposal only the "printed" corpus.

      So who is _offensive_, I wonder?

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