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115Re: [elfscript] the Sarati

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  • Mans Bjorkman
    Feb 4, 2001
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      Ales Bican wrote:
      > Seems that [Lisa] and Ryscard actually used the values of the Sarati
      > as known from the English way of its usage.
      > I was thinking slightly otherwise. We know an English mode
      > for the Tengwar and we know an English mode for the Sarati.
      > What about combining them?
      > [...]

      Although it is possible the concept of different 'modes' for different
      languages was manifest already in the Sarati, I do not think so. Rather,
      I think this was one of the innovations of Feanor; the one which
      prompted the simple, systematic design of his letters, compared to which
      the sarati have an very inconsistent, varied appearance.

      I have a theory which, as long as we have just one sample Sarati
      document, stands on rather shaky grounds -- but I shall venture to voice
      it here. I am under the impression that many, if not all, of the sarati
      are meant to depict the method or means with which each phoneme is
      articulated. For instance, the /m/ shows the two lips pressed against
      each other; the /r/ and /l/ portray the oral cavity, partially blocked
      by the tongue (the inner stroke); the unvoiced /th/ depicts in profile
      the tongue being pressed against the upper row of teeth; and so on. (The
      voiced letters are usually based on the corresponding unvoiced ones,
      with an element doubled.) A present-day parallel would be the Korean
      alphabet, Han'gul, which was designed along the same lines. If this
      theory of mine is correct, then there can of course have been no Sarati
      'modes' the same way there were modes for the Tengwar. But as stated,
      the theory needs a good deal more evidence before we can seriously
      consider it.


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