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1142Re: [elfscript] need some help from a more advanced expert

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Aug 3, 2002
      teithant necromancer185

      > I'm rather new here and am wondering what some good
      > programs and
      > books to get ahold of are. I'm very intrested in
      > linguistics and need
      > some good referances. unfortunately I also have very
      > little time to
      > get online...But I do check my e-mail often....

      actually someone even not an advanced expert can
      answer you :)
      as for programes, there is Tengwscribe in
      http://hem.passagen.se/mansb/at and YATT in
      http://www.jadro.cz/tengwar but my oppinion is to
      study tengwar yourself..

      the only good book that also describes the tengwar
      well is An Introduction to Elvish, but look also in
      http://gildor.freepage.gr/faq.html where i provide a
      bunch of recommendable links (except in the cases i
      provide a link as avoidable :))

      good luck

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