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  • aj6t9
    Jul 31 5:01 AM
      I looked at the q u e n y a l a p s e p a r m a but I wasn't
      convinced by the meanings so I had a go for myself, any corrections
      or "where I am going wrong- (most probably(ive probably got it all
      wrong), im a newbie not looking for a translation cause i want to do
      it myself if someone could point me in the right direction i will
      research it myslef.

      Andrew-James Taylor –

      - Andrew (AN-droo) has Greek origin meaning "strong man"/"manly" -

      - James (JAYMZ) Scottish for "leader" or hebrew for "supplanter"-
      ie "displace, overthrow, remove, replace, take the place of"

      - Taylor - a tailor - going by my Scottish clan the surname is
      decended from a cameron clansman "Tailear Dubh na Tuaighe"(gaelic)
      meaning "Black tailor of the axe".

      so for Andrew-James Taylor it would be "strong man-leader, Tailor of
      the black axe"???
      quenya - strong = "polda", man = "Atan" , strong man = Polda-Atan ,
      leader/chieftain = "haran"
      tailor = "Cirithron", black ="mori-" axe = "pelekko" – black-axe
      = "mori-pelekko" - of the black axe – "mori-pelekko-wa"???

      so for Andrew-James taylor in "quenya" would be: "Polda-Atan haran,
      Cirithron mori-pelekkowa" – this looks a bit long winded any help??

      I tried it for my girlfriend as well which looks and sounds a lot
      Lynne McPherson

      - Lynne (LIN) welsh for "lake" –

      - MacPherson Scottish for "Son of the Parson" parson - preacher,
      priest, etc

      and Lynne McPherson would be "lake, son of parson" or "lake,daughter
      of parson"
      quenya - lake = "ailin" or "linya",
      son of - parson/preacher/divine – "valya" since its femmine "valya-

      so Lynne Macpherson would be - "linya valyiel"????

      > > > > im new to the elvish language and was wanting to
      > > > > know how my name
      > > > > would be pronounced and how it would look - using
      > > > > the style written
      > > > > on the ring. Any help or suggestions would be great.
      > > > >
      > > > > Andrew-James
      > > >
      > > > According to Quenya Lapseparma your names are
      > > > Veon-Encaitar (veh-on an keye-tar)...
      > > >
      > >
      > > Dear Newb, the so called "Quenya Lapseparma", which Gildor
      > > is "promoting", has been made up by "Tolkien-freaks", and does
      > > contain any _reliable_ information about Tolkien's Elvish.
      > > You "Elvish Name" (Veon-Encaitar) is just "mishmash" ; it is NOT
      > > Elvish.
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