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1133Re: [elfscript] name in tengwar characters

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  • Neamh
    Jul 29, 2002
      Teithant Danny:

      >"No. Tengwar is a script, not a language. 'Teithant' is Sindarin for
      >'wrote'; 'Teithant Melanie Comito' = 'Melanie Comito wrote'. A Sindarin
      >greeting would be 'Suilad!'"

      Thankyou for that... I will have to look up Sindarin now lol.. so many new
      things :)

      >"I would add a feminine ending to make it a personal name: 'Menelwen'
      >would mean 'Heaven-maiden' in both Quenya and Sindarin, though they
      >would be written differently in tengwar."

      The name Nèamh was given to me originally as Caile Nèamh - it was a
      rough Gaelic version of my earlier chat name of Celestine Empress, so it
      basically meant Woman/Lady of the Heavens. So yea, that is kinda apt
      given the circumstances.

      >"Måns Björkman's 'Amanye Tenceli' is as reputable and as accurate as
      >you're likely to find: http://hem.passagen.se/mansb/at/
      > There you will find a category entitled 'Tengwar modes' where is
      >explained how to write Quenya in Tengwar, and how to write Sindarin in
      >the Tengwar Mode of Beleriand. Also, check out Mellonath Daeron's
      >'Tengwar Primers' ... I believe there's a link at 'Amanye Tenceli'."

      Thankyou so much :) Bookmarked for further study :)

      >"Cuio mae, Danny."

      Cuio mae.... Sindarin again?

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