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113Re: [elfscript] Orcish Cirth?

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  • Helge K. Fauskanger
    Feb 2, 2001
      > >I'm using the Cirth table and wanted to know which S is the correct for
      the helmets of the isengard orcs. ... If you could tell me which number
      on the table corresponds with the correct rune It would be very helpful.

      Dan Smith answered:

      > Then again, the objects marked with runes may simply have been stolen (or
      captured) from the Dwarves.

      Well...few Dwarves would use helmets with the inscription "S" for Saruman
      (and much less "S" for Sauron...which would actually have to be the rune
      for "Th" anyway, since the name Sauron descends from earlier
      _Thauron_...cf. the final element of the Sindarin form _Gorthaur_).

      It seems that the Orcs did use a variant of the regular runes. "The Cirth
      in their older and simpler form spread eastward in the Second Age, and
      became known to many peoples, to Men and Dwarves, and even to Orcs, all of
      whom altered them to suit their purposes and according to their skill or
      lack of it" (Appendix E). I guess the rune that appeared on the helmets of
      the Isengard Orcs was (some variant of?) No. 35 in the Angerthas Table. It
      was one of the original Cirth, and this is also the S-rune used in the
      inscription on Balin's tomb.

      - Helge Fauskanger
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