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1129Re: [elfscript] name in tengwar characters

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  • Neamh
    Jul 29, 2002
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      > teithant Melanie Comito
      Do I assume "teithant" is the tengwar greeting?

      > luckily it's simple, menel is translated as "Heaven"
      > in Quenya (and Sindarin)

      Thankyou... :)

      > the first step is to learn the alphabet, and to write
      > tengwar with pen, then the font usage with your
      > keyboard comes later (which is quite complicated)

      ok, so how would one set about learning the alphabet? Is there a site
      that you would recommend perhaps as being reputable and accurate?
      I'm happy to start at the beginning *g*

      Sorry if this I'm asking a lot of questions... I did warn you I was new to
      all this :)


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