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1128Re: [elfscript] name in tengwar characters

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Jul 29, 2002
      teithant Melanie Comito

      > The name Neamh is Gaelic for Heaven, I believe. It
      > was a name
      > given to me by another.

      luckily it's simple, menel is translated as "Heaven"
      in Quenya (and Sindarin)

      > I thought when I first looked at it all, like it
      > would be just the same as
      > any other font, that you hit the same keys you
      > would if you were typing
      > anything else.... but yea, i've noticed from the
      > few things I've seen on here
      > that it's not that simple. So, you could say I'm
      > just a little bit unsure so far.

      the first step is to learn the alphabet, and to write
      tengwar with pen, then the font usage with your
      keyboard comes later (which is quite complicated)

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