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1127Re: [elfscript] name in tengwar characters

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  • Melanie Comito
    Jul 29, 2002
      *g* thats ok, I wasn't sure, but never hurts to ask.

      The name Neamh is Gaelic for Heaven, I believe. It was a name
      given to me by another.

      I've had a quick glance at the site (I confess, I'm at work at the moment)
      and will give it a go when I get home tonight.

      I thought when I first looked at it all, like it would be just the same as
      any other font, that you hit the same keys you would if you were typing
      anything else.... but yea, i've noticed from the few things I've seen on here
      that it's not that simple. So, you could say I'm just a little bit unsure so far.

      The writing is beautiful, my inspiration to understand it came from The Elvin
      Love Rings sold thru another website that my partner and I are having for wedders.
      I would like to be able to work out how to put something personal on our invites
      using the tengwar or more so the quenya writing.

      I appreciate your polite patience :)



      this list is not for asking translations, but at least
      we could help you to try writing it (but i expect you
      already know what sites to look for :))

      anyway, when we translate a name we consult
      http://www.elvish.org/elm, and of course, we need to
      know the name's meaning...

      the name you asked is not there, and I personally
      don't speak gaelic.. if you could provide us with an
      English translation of your name we might help you

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