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112Re: [elfscript] Orcish Cirth?

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  • erilaz@earthlink.net
    Feb 2, 2001
      Dan Smith forwarded the following:

      >>I'm using the Cirth table and wanted to know which S is the
      >>correct for the helmets of the isengard orcs. ... If you
      >>could tell me which number on the table corresponds with the
      >>correct rune It would be very helpful.

      Appendix E(II) isn't terribly informative in this regard, where it is
      stated that "The Cirth in their older and simpler form spread eastward in
      the Second Age, and became known to many peoples, to Men and Dwarves, and
      even to Orcs, all of whom altered them to suit their purposes and according
      to their skill or lack of it" (III:395, 397). This could mean that they
      used either 34 or 35 for <s>, as in the Angerthas Daeron, or that they
      could have altered the system and used something else, as the Dwarves did
      with the Angerthas Moria. Presumably Azog used the Angerthas Moria when he
      branded his name on Thrór's brow: "in Dwarf-runes so that he could read it"

      As for the runes on the helmets of Saruman's Orcs, I don't think that
      Orkish usage is especially relevant, since Saruman (and not his minions)
      would presumably have been behind the creation of his own heraldic device.
      I personally would opt for an Angerthas Daeron version, either 34 or 35,
      since Legolas calls the sign on the helmets an "Elf-rune" (II:18).

      Arden R. Smith erilaz@...

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