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104Re: [elfscript] Sindarin word coined

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  • Angasule
    Jan 9, 2001
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      DDanielA@... wrote:
      > Suilaid, mellyn nîn! I have coined a word in Sindarin, and I would
      > appreciate the opinion of those of you more versed in the 'noble
      > tongue'
      > than I. My interests include, as I have mentioned before, tengwar
      > calligraphy, and therefore wanted to coin a Sindarin word for
      > 'calligraphy'. I constructed a word by analogy of the etymology of the
      > word 'calligraphy', from Greek 'kallos' (or actually the feminine
      > 'kalle', considering the noun it modifies is feminine) = 'beautiful',
      > and 'graphia' (from 'graphein' = 'to write') = 'script, writing'. In
      > Noldorin we have a word for 'beautiful, fair': 'bein'. This should
      > presumably become 'bain' in mature Sindarin. I took the verb 'teitho'
      > =
      > 'write' and and turned it into a gerund: 'teithad'. As the second
      > element of a compound word, I felt it should be lenited. The result:
      > baindeithad. Does this sound acceptable, or does anyone have a better
      > suggestion? Cuio mae! – Danny Andriës.
      I'm not sure if lenition should be applied in that case (I'm not sure
      as in "I've no idea"!), maybe you should ask in Elfling which I think
      would be a better place to coin new words (and later announcing them
      here so it's common knowledge, of course). I like the word, though.

      PD: Please, don't send those pictures in your signature again, they add
      50kb to each email, to those of us who pay for our connection time it
      really does matter.
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