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1020question about "y" word-initial

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  • silverfingered_fling
    Jul 1, 2002
      Here's a question:

      Is there a way to transcribe the English "your" to the tehta mode of
      tengwar? i've been doing some exercises in transcription just to get
      the hang of the alphabets how tengwa are used together and have run
      into a bit of a problem with this word. i know when you begin a word
      with a vowel pronounced like "y" (such as an example i found,
      "iarwain") you use a Yanta and then the next letter with the
      appropriate tehta above. but can i do that with "your?" i tried that
      and here's what i came up with: Yanta, vowel carrier with the "o"
      tehta above, and Romen with the "u" tehta (i hope that makes sense, i
      wish i could just write the word with my tengwar font). is that right
      or have i started making up my own rules? ;') thanks....