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Re: [elfling-d] Re: In defence of expertise

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  • Rodrigo Jaroszewski
    You ll be missed. All the best for you and your family. And yes, those old clouds from way back were awful. :) Rodrigo Jaroszewski http://elfico.com.br ...
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 27, 2011
      You'll be missed. All the best for you and your family.

      And yes, those old clouds from way back were awful. :)

      Rodrigo Jaroszewski

      On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 6:37 AM, Thorsten Renk <trenk@...> wrote:

      > > Unsurprisingly, your goodbye message was not allowed to pass (unless the
      > > moderator is still considering it - I would not hold my breath).
      > >
      > > As a person who holds an interest in the historical sociology of elven
      > > linguistics (or is just curious), I would like to know why you left
      > > Elfling. Could you post your goodbye message here instead? Maybe other
      > > Elflingers would benefit from it as well.
      > Hm, sadly the message has indeed not been posted. No doubt the official
      > reason is that it's off topic - which is certainly not the real reasons,
      > as plenty of off-topic messages do get posted. *sigh* Quite petty, really.
      > So, the reason I left Elfling is that in recent years my family has grown,
      > and I find myself with less and less spare time to pursue hobbies. At the
      > same time, my interests are rather diverse, for example I have spent a lot
      > of time last year to develop various techniques for 3-d rendering of
      > clouds for an open source flight simulator (when I was younger, I was
      > always disappointed in the quality of clouds in flight sims, so it's very
      > exciting to be able to do it just as I want it to be...).
      > I think that I now understand the outline of Tolkien's language invention
      > and the flow of ideas. What's left is (at times rather tedious) work on
      > the details, and I find it harder and harder to get myself into that kind
      > of work. So I decided that for the mid-future I will pass on the torch - I
      > plan to follow what will be going on, but I'll switch to a significantly
      > less active role. That amounts to getting out of the (rather
      > time-consuming) philosophy discussions on Elfling, discontinuing my work
      > on grammar and rigorously declining to do any translations on request.
      > The rest of my message was essentially thanks for good discussions, a
      > (mostly) good working atmosphere and an apology for some past posts which
      > I have come to realize were not appropriate.
      > The bit with the good atmosphere is actually true (in case anyone is
      > wondering) - I did enjoy the less scholary style of discussion in which
      > ideas are simply tossed around, and I had many good inspirations and
      > insights on Elfling. At the same time, I did not share the idea that
      > banning half of the most knowledgeable Elvish scholars is a good idea, so
      > I was also glad that there were other places to discuss.
      > So, it's not primarily the Elfling moderation which prompted me to leave,
      > but to a good degree it is the large amount of energy it costs to explain
      > one's own position and ideas in the background of a conflict that has been
      > going on even before I was ever interested in Elvish. I am passionate
      > about non-scholarly aspects of Elvish as well - I just don't think
      > confusing scholarly work and aesthetic invention is particularly smart, or
      > that passing off one's own version of Elvish as the genuine Tolkien thing
      > is honest - and I am just tired of explaining that the (subjective) 1000th
      > time while carefully paying attention not to insult anyone who is
      > dishonest in precisely that way (which was, I admit, often tempting).
      > Best,
      > * Thorsten
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