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Re: The Privilege of Being Clear-Minded

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  • calwen76
    ... And where exactly have I writen that the world I live in is higher and sublime , Helge? I ve only said it s _different_. It is no synonym to either of
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 7, 2010
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      --- In elfling-d@yahoogroups.com, "Helge K. Fauskanger" <helge.fauskanger@...> wrote:

      > And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you as well, Lucy! I trust you and the
      > other Clear-Minded People will treasure every single day of 2010,
      > always remembering that you enjoy the privilege of a higher,
      > sublime level of consciousness that must be altogether unimaginable > to David, me and our "justlikes"!

      And where exactly have I writen that the world I live in is "higher and sublime", Helge? I've only said it's _different_. It is no synonym to either of your words. And, you have never tended to derogate yourself, it is a new quality of yours?
      Though I must admit you got it explicitly right, feeling my world unimaginable. Bright boy...

      > Ah, yes -- "evil is fissiparous" (Morgoth's Ring, p. 405).

      You know best.

      > Frankly I though the entertainment value of Elfling-d was all but
      > gone after its founder stopped producing his amusing posts, but now > there are interesting signs of some kind of revival! Keep 'em
      > coming, folks, they are much appreciated!

      Glad I amused you...

      > HKF (still chuckling...)

      Mind you don't choke. I would miss the kilometres of your posts...

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