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Re: The "kind reply"

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    In Elfling message 34933 (
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2008
      In Elfling message 34933 (<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/elfling/message/34933
      >), Helge Fauskanger drips:

      > Yes, it is touching to see that the VT editor suddenly found the
      > time to handle such a request _just as this debate erupted here_.

      Although it will naturally be difficult if not impossible for Helge to
      conceive that not every event in the universe is about _him_, my
      motivations in giving my input in this particular case were 1) the
      fact that the prior suggestions for this poor person to have
      permanently etched on their skin were a) the worst sort of "Elvish as
      She Is Spoke", and b) misspelled to boot; and 2) to remind a
      particular forum yet again (as I have indeed in the past) just how
      complicated and subtle the whole notion of translating into any Elvish
      language really is. I have done so before, and will do so again, when
      and as _I_ see fit.

      > If Hostetter actually does provide his input, this must of course be
      > applauded, for few people are equally competent. But please humor
      > us, Erna...can you find any examples of him answering such a request
      > in the previous twelve months as well?

      Helge, I really wish you would make up your mind about just how you
      think I should be spending my time.

      -- Carl F. Hostetter
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