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Re: Why Not Reprint?

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    In Elfling message 25128 ( ), list moderator elimloth writes, regarding a post by Patrick Wynne and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2003
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      In Elfling message 25128
      (<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/elfling/message/25128>), list moderator
      "elimloth" writes,
      regarding a post by Patrick Wynne and myself
      (<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/elfling/message/25124>) on the
      prospects for republishing _Parma_ 11-13, and the necessary reasons for
      our reticence on the matter:

      > I had hoped you would not add more fuel to the fire by letting his
      > message go through unedited. Were your post moderated, I would asked
      > you to edit parts of point [1], and removing points [2] and [3]. They
      > contain personal attacks, and I will not stand for tit-for-tat
      > responses.

      And yet you seem not to have any problems with the posting of the

      It was _Helge_ who implied that there must be something sinister behind
      the fact that we had not yet republished the recent issues of _Parma_,
      including the implication of greed to us; it is _because_ of Helge's
      unfailing willingness to use every statement of future plans to attack
      us that we can no longer discuss future plans, including for
      republication; and it is because of the actions of Helge, David Salo,
      and Lisa Star that we can no longer be open in discussing unpublished
      material or trusting anyone with its handling, as we once were and did.
      All of these factors figure critically in the _real_ reasons why we
      have not discussed plans to republish _Parma_, and so deserve to be
      pointed out to put the lie to Helge's insulting innuendo. And just
      exactly how is that you consider it a personal attack to give a
      rejoinder to a condescending label applied by Helge to myself and my
      colleagues, but not to apply that label in the first place (about which
      you have said not a peep)?

      "Elimloth" paused not a nanosecond before giving Pat's post a public
      censure, but not only made no such censure of Helge, but actually
      approved the snarking, innuendo-laden nasty-grams that occasioned Pat's
      post in the first place. Elimloth, you _say_ that you want to "all
      parties [to] back down from their accusatory and threatening tone and
      language"; but it seems clear from a perusal of Hegle's postings, many
      of which have been approved by you, and from the fact that your
      remonstrances are directed at or occasioned only by posts in _response_
      to Helge, that you are only interested in squelching _responses_ to
      Helge's attacks and insults. Why is this?

      I want to point out that if you _really_ want what you say you want,
      all you have to do is keep Helge in line. I can't stress this enough:
      what you say you want is _within your power_ to achieve (so long as you
      are not overridden by David Salo, which is not unlikely). You will note
      that the Lambengolmor list, which I own and co-moderate and frequently
      contribute to, has not a single personal attack in its archives. The
      relevant differences in this regard between Elfling and Lambengolmor
      are that 1) unlike the moderators of Elfling, the moderators of
      Lambengolmor permit _no_ personal attacks of _any_ kind from _any_
      source; and 2) Helge has never even attempted to participate on the
      list (probably because he knows that he cannot live up to moderatorial
      policies of decency that are _actually_ enforced on all, though he is
      very welcome to participate if he can).
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