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Re: [elfling-d] On the moderation of Elfling

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Thanks for posting this here, Peter, and for your _very_ kind words.* I debated commenting on Salo and Fauskanger s latest distortions, but really, what could
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 10, 2008
      Thanks for posting this here, Peter, and for your _very_ kind words.*

      I debated commenting on Salo and Fauskanger's latest distortions, but
      really, what could anyone else say that would more eloquently and
      forcefully illustrate their intellectual and ethical bankruptcy than
      their own words and actions? On the one hand the blatant hypocrisy
      that you note, demonstrated further by the fact of Salo's
      _specifically approving_ Fauskanger's umpteenth desperate dishonest
      diatribe to the list (just check the full headers of Helge's message);
      and on the other hand Salo's petty, self-serving cowardice in actually
      _deleting_ your dissenting view.


      * And especially for the needed modification at the end! I didn't
      start the E.L.F., I didn't launch _VT_, I don't edit _Parma_, and I'm
      not the chief editor of Tolkien's linguistic papers; I just do my
      part. Mostly, I'm just the one tenacious/stupid enough to act as a
      human target for the team, and for the fullness and reality of
      Tolkien's linguistic inventions.
    • William Cloud Hicklin
      I m very sorry, Peter. The running of the Elvish Linguistics list as David and Helge s personal sandbox is an amazing display of petulant childishness, which
      Message 2 of 3 , Jun 10, 2008
        I'm very sorry, Peter. The running of the "Elvish
        Linguistics" list as David and Helge's personal
        sandbox is an amazing display of petulant
        childishness, which would be laughable if it
        weren't also so contemptibly harmful to innocent
        persons. David, Helge, and Lisa "Star" McBrierty
        have conceived a slavering vendetta against Carl
        and the ELF that extends to banning persons known
        to be friendly with them, like me, or wo even
        object to the routine slandering of them, like you.

        I suggest you go to Lambengolmor instead, where
        *real* Elvish is discussed, not pop-movie

        --- In elfling-d@yahoogroups.com,
        "Peter" <pedelberg@...> wrote:
        > The below post was posted to Elfling yesterday
        but was deleted by list
        > owner David Salo. Just for the record it should
        appear here instead. I
        > hadn't made a copy of it, but luckily I found it
        via the Google cache.
        > (Personal note: Next time, remember to save a
        copy of critical Elfling
        > posts.)
        > Re: "Fourth-age Quenya"
        > --- In elfling@yahoogroups.com, "Helge K.
        > <helge.fauskanger@> wrote:
        > > Of course, much of this monotonous mockery and
        > ridicule originates from just two or three
        persons, where one in
        > particular seems to regard himself as the
        foremost guardian of Serious
        > Scholarly Tolkien-linguistics (as opposed to the
        non-serious hordes
        > who spend all their time trying to figure out
        how to say "I am cheese"
        > in Elvish...that would be us here on Elfling, of
        > >
        > > These ridiculers are generally easy to ignore
        (indeed that is what I
        > do nearly all of the time), since all informed
        observers will know
        > that this is to a very large extent a question
        of differing
        > personalities and coliding philosophies (e.g.,
        should a
        > Tolkien-linguist try to address what most people
        actually want to
        > know, or should he dismiss most requests as
        being below his scholarly
        > dignity and ascend his ivory tower to stay up
        there, being no more
        > willing to come down than Saruman was?)
        > ---
        > It is incomprehensible to me why the above
        passages are allowed to be
        > posted to Elfling a few days after the list
        owner has declared "that
        > direct insults are forbidden, and sarcastic
        asides that question other
        > members' intelligence, sanity,competence,
        ethics, or good-will are
        > possible grounds for returning a message". Of
        course the person who
        > the above post is directed against (Carl F.
        Hostetter), is not a list
        > member because he was banned from Elfling, but
        does that really
        > justify this kind of ridicule and distortion of
        his opinions?
        > Alas, those of us who has followed these forums
        on Tolkien's languages
        > for some time know that this is not news, but I
        am still deeply
        > offended by the sarcasm and false accusations
        against a fellow Tolkien
        > scholar.
        > Those of you who a new to this discussion, I
        strongly suggest to read
        > what Carl F. Hostetter has ACTUALLY written
        about Tolkien scholarship
        > - find it in the Elfling archives, on the
        mailing-lists Elfling-d and
        > Lambengolmor and on the website of the Elvish
        Linguistic Fellowship
        > (E.L.F.)
        > You will find that if there is one man we should
        applaud next to
        > Christopher Tolkien for giving us Middle-earth
        in its own words it is
        > the very person who is ritually ridiculed by a
        few Elfling members.
        > Carl F. Hostetter. [NB: This is actually an
        unfair statement about the
        > excellent group effort of the whole Editorial
        Team - substitute
        > "Editorial Team" for "Carl F. Hostetter". -
        > much too hasty,
        > Peter Edelberg
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