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72Re: Moderatorial bias/hypocrisy/inconsistency on Elfling

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Jun 3, 2003
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      In Elfling message 25252
      (<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/elfling/message/25252>) Hans-Juergen
      Fischer replies to a query regarding the policy of banning on Elfling,
      by noting another example of managerial bias, in the form of a
      particularly egregious posting that nonetheless resulted not in the
      poster being banned (as I was for simply stating the plain truth of
      Helge's knee-jerk reaction to seeing my name on a post), nor the
      offending post being removed from the archives (as was mine), but only
      a warning. The offending post is message 5969 (<
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/elfling/message/5969>), in which yours
      truly and my colleagues are called, _inter alia_) a "bunch of lunatics"
      and incompetent editors. David Salo's tepid "warning" is in message

      What explains the vast discrepancy between offense and response in this
      case and my own? Two factors: 1) the poster of this message was Edouard
      Kloczko, then a useful ally of David Salo, Lisa Star, and Helge
      Fauskanger; and 2) David Salo agrees with the sentiment expressed, even
      if grudgingly bound by the political necessity of appearing at least
      _marginally_ principled to issue a rebuke for "unparliamentary

      Now that Edouard has apparently had a change of heart, and has stopped
      toeing the Salovian/Fauskagerian/Stellar party line with respect to
      Tolkienian linguistics -- thus ending his political usefulness to them
      -- it is interesting to observe a somewhat different response to his
      words from those parties, including _actual_ "moderation" of his posts
      (as Edouard notes in his farewell address to Elfling, in message
      23720), and public rebukes from both Helge and Lisa (see her misnomered
      "ElvishLinguistics" list -- if you can get in: this self-proclaimed
      champion of free speech prohibits folks who don't agree with her from
      joining the list, and has hidden the list archives from public view --
      and do a search on "laurifindil", Edouard's recent nom-de-plume).

      The lessons to be drawn from this are: so long as you are useful to
      them, and say things they agree with and/or they find politically
      useful, no matter how outrageous, Salo/Fauskanger/Star will permit your
      presence and your every (useful) word. But disagree with them, or find
      yourself in a position of having what they want but you cannot give,
      and you will be turned on in a heartbeat, and become fair game for all