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719Re: [elfling-d] A matter of double standards

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Nov 4, 2009
      I don't have time to read, nor reply to, the whole of Helge's latest
      epic, but I will respond on these points:

      1) There is a world of difference between selectively quoting _from_,
      and paraphrasing _of_, a letter, and publishing the entirety of it.
      There is no question whatsoever that the latter is not "Fair Use".

      2) If you, Helge, as copyright owner of the e-mail you sent to
      Phillipp, mean to claim that Phillipp has quoted more from your letter
      than permitted by "Fair Use" -- I wouldn't know, since I haven't seen
      your letter -- then I will be happy to remove Phillipp's post from
      this list at your request.

      3) All list members are reminded that although this list is
      unmoderated, violations of copyright will be removed. In using any
      work under copyright, be sure to quite only selectively and in small
      proportion, and otherwise paraphrase, only what you need for your
      purpose of commentary.

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