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696Asterisks and disclaimers (was re: Helge's seemliness)

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Jun 16, 2008
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      On the matter of asterisks and disclaimers, I do have to note:

      1) Both Helge and Thorsten do indeed make disclaimers in their
      respective courses. And as I have noted elsewhere, Helge has in fact
      made some effort to make his course more rigorous in the use of
      asterisks and disclaimers over time, particularly in his course, but
      also somewhat elsewhere on _Ardalambion_. Thorsten has done so from
      the beginning, I believe. They can't really be held responsible if
      people do not read and heed those disclaimers. (Note though that I am
      speaking strictly of their _courses_; the rest of _Ardalambion_, for
      instance, is another matter.)

      2) The strict use of asterisks becomes more necessary the more an
      author intends to produce a scholarly work (as opposed to a primer),
      and of course it is vital when the author _claims_ that unattested
      forms are marked as such (because otherwise you give the false
      appearance that a form _is_ attested). This (_inter alia_) is where
      Salo's book runs hard afoul of scholarly integrity.

      3) As a matter of style, I agree that it would be laborious for
      students to have inline citations throughout a primer. That being
      said, though, surely it would be a good and useful thing, for audience
      and author alike, to have as an appendix to the primer a glossary of
      all forms encountered in the course, where citations can be made? This
      would both serve as a ready reference for the student, and provide a
      double-check of forms for the author.

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