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675Re: Insincerity, thy name is Fauskanger

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Jan 4, 2008
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      In Elfling post 34666 Helge Fauskanger writes:
      > [Tolkien's] linguistic manuscripts will end up in a library
      > where (at least in principle) everyone can go and study them.

      This may or may not be true. After all, even though they've been deposited with the
      Bodleian Library, the vast bulk of the "Silmarillion" papers remain unaccessible even to
      readers admitted to the Bodleian, unless they have the express permission of the Tolkien
      Estate to work with them.

      Thus, while the Estate has chosen to ensure the preservation of these papers, and to allow
      access to them by serious researchers for serious reasons, their preferred means of
      providing access to the contents of the papers is to present them in ordered, edited, and
      rational form. Hence "The History of Middle-earth". It should be no surprise that their
      preferred means of providing access to the linguistic papers is precisely the same as for
      the literary papers.

      It will also, of course, be no surprise at all if the Tolkien Estate never permits Helge in
      particular to come within 100 yards of Tolkien's linguistic papers.

      As for the rest of Helge's diatribe: he once again displays a breathtaking lack of
      understanding of the nature of Tolkien's papers and of the editorial process, a remarkably
      elevated estimation of his own importance and qualification to judge how best to proceed
      with Tolkien's papers, and a complete absence of any gratitude towards Christopher
      Tolkien for making any portion of his father's papers in any form at all, or towards the
      editors who spend so much of their own free time, without pay, to edit and publish these
      papers, at their own expense.

      Helge reminds me of nothing so much as a little child with his mouth crammed so full of
      french fries that he can barely chew them, but wailing at the top of his lungs at his parents
      to give him more.

      Carl F. Hostetter
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