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611Re: [elfling-d] The immoderation of Elfling goes on and on

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  • Rodrigo Jaroszewski
    Sep 3, 2007
      I spoke in no clearer words than I could, and in the medium I see fit
      to receive this message. Helge is subscribed to this list, has most
      likely read my e-mail, and knows he's the only one that can actually
      do anything about this: so I have said what I had to say to whom I had
      to say. David can read it too once he joins this group.

      If I can't deliver your request, rest assured that the Brazilian fans
      do know what my stance is on the matter, as I've translated Thorsten's
      message completely on my site, explaining the whole situation and the
      context. There are, in Brazil, only two websites dedicated completely
      to Tolkien's languages: the Port. translation of Ardalambion
      (gathering a bit of dust as the main translator is working on
      publishing Thorsten's Sindarin Course), and mine, so I feel it's "part
      of my job".

      Rodrigo "Slicer" Jaroszewski
      Dir. Técnico – Conselho Branco

      On 9/3/07, Carl F. Hostetter <Aelfwine@...> wrote:
      > Well said, Rodrigo (and others who have replied to me privately).
      > May I suggest that you send these comments on to David Salo (if you
      > haven't done so already)? Until and unless he is convinced that
      > others see the bias in his "moderation", I don't think we can expect
      > any change in Elfling at all.
      > Thanks,
      > Carl
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