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423It's Number 5 time...Re: Re: [elfling-d] Re: Editing Elvish (with caw- as example)

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  • finsen@powerup.com.au
    Jun 1, 2004
      > > Number 4 _after_ stating that it wasn't to come. Doesn't this imply
      > > that you were a liar (A person who knowingly utters falsehood)? Or
      > > are you just mistaken :-)
      > Neither. Unlike you, I can parse sentences in my native language, and
      > see what is plain:

      No you can't, you have to rely on self constructed implications.

      > But I'm glad to see you've put safety first, and shielded yourself from
      > any further thought today. Good on you!

      You're not projecting here again are you?

      > Nghit!
      :-)..not my fault you got the reason "caio" was spelt the way it was spelt wrong. As I stated all those posts ago, must be hard having to be right all the time. Must be all that rarified atmosphere up where you dwell...

      But not to worry, must go myself, Dave is telepathically sending me more subliminal messages...or one of the other Dorkhoth...never can tell the unTolkien apart these days.


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