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37RE: [elfling-d] The "_Merin_ Sentence" (was Re: Helge's revised Quenya course)

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  • Pavel Iosad
    Mar 6, 2003
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      >> But there are numerous languages that do not [use a verb meaning
      >> 'possess'] in case of sentient beings because they do not have it
      >> altogether. The suggestion was that Quenya is the case.

      > Whether or not that was Tolkien's intention at that specific time, it
      > is inarguable that Quenya _did_ at other times have a means to express

      > possession or ownership: there is Q _harya-_ 'possess' right there in
      > _Etymologies_.

      A language can have a verb meaning 'possess' and still not use it to
      express possesion routinely. Our own (mine and Boris') native Russian is
      an example - we have _imet'_ "to have", _obladat'_ "possess", but an "I
      have" construction is expressed by a periphrastic construction.

      Pavel Iosad pavel_iosad@...

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