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33Re: [elfling-d] Helge's revised Quenya course

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  • Boris Shapiro
    Mar 4, 2003
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      Monday, March 3, 2003, 6:16:45 PM, Carl F . Hostetter wrote:

      CFH> I'll also take this opportunity to correct Helge's wording at another
      CFH> point: I have never said that I "recognize the so-called _merin_
      CFH> sentence as genuine"; I said only that I saw in the sentence itself no
      CFH> reason to think that it was _not_ genuine.
      Haven't you find the use of _harya-_ "to possess" for "to have" a bit
      strange, in the light of Tolkien's idea about expressing Elven, err,
      lexical attitude towards the question of having/possessing children in

      Namaarie! S.Y., Elenhil Laiquendo

      : lauca yanwenen i lertan iltele lin :
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