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300Re: Go on with Taliska ;)

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  • Bill Welden
    May 5, 2004
      Jonathan Avidan wrote:

      > 3) The element _skird(i)_ might mean "elf" ...

      It also _might_ mean "fiddle-de-dee". Come on! You've got to anchor
      your speculation in something other than enthusiasm.

      Since Taliska was meant to relate Germanic and Elvish, we ought to be
      investigating known Germanic roots; or at least Elvish roots, in
      trying to guess the meaning of these components.

      _skirdi-_ surely suggests _certa_ (Q. "rune") and could be derived
      (as _certa_ cannot quite) from the root CIR "cut" seen, e.g. in
      _circa_ "sickle". More intriguing, it could be easily derived from
      the IE root *_sker_ "cut" seen in Germanic words such as _shear_,
      _score_ and _shard_. This same root provided the primary Latin word
      for "write": _scribere_.

      I cannot do so well with _-taila_, but perhaps it is related to
      Germanic _talja_ 're(count)' and _skirditaila_ means 'tally of runes'.

      If you want to study Taliska, you'd better start with Gothic. Of
      course, you and I can't match Tolkien for broad knowledge of that
      language, but for investigation of a single word we do have some
      hope. I haven't been able to find Wright's _Primer of the Gothic
      Language_ which Tolkien first used, but the later version
      (_Grammar ..._) is available (for about $30 from Amazon), or if you
      prefer on-line (link below). Read this and you'll be one up on me!


      It seems to me that Pat and/or Carl took this on years ago in VT, and
      I have been scanning the issues from the beginning (_every_ issue of
      VT was published after Treason of Isengard) to find the reference;
      but for all of the interesting material (which slowed me down a bit),
      I have not come across it.

      Who wants to make an index?

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