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299Re: Go on with Taliska ;)

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  • jonathan_avidan
    May 4 12:57 PM
      Mind-bogglingly interesting! I never knew of this example (and it's
      not in Lisa or Helge's lists). The word _skirditaila_ which most
      probably means "of Pengolodh" teaches us quite a few things:

      1) We already knew Taliska had medial _ld_ (see _haldad "watchdog"),
      now we know it has _rd_. Also it has _sk_ so this word is
      apparently -not- Quenya (or even Qenya to our knowledge).
      2) Taliska apparently has inflected cases (this word presenting a
      genitive, apparently)
      3) The element _skird(i)_ might mean "elf" (as the Q. version of
      _pengolodh_ is _qendingoldo_, or it might mean "noldo" (_golodh_ and
      _-ngoldo_ in Pengolodh and Quendingoldo)
      4) The element _tail(a)_ might mean "noldo" or "elf", sea 3)

      The final -a may also indicate the genitive case.

      Can anyone give a better analysis using the sources? Carl? Patrick?
      Though I'm certainly not a lawyer and have not studied the matter,
      to my knowledge analysing this word using other sources (i.e. the
      Taliska materials), even unpublished, is well within the grounds of
      fair-use. However, it doesn't seem long before Taliska (and god help
      me: Hvendi!) is published (in the very promising current rate of
      publications by the Elfconners).

      a very excited John.

      --- In elfling-d@yahoogroups.com, "falmarendur" <falmarendur@y...>
      > Last night I was reading 'The Treason of Isengard', and I read
      > one alphabet: Pengolodh's. The name of this alphabet in Taliskan
      > _Skirditaila_. So, can we assume that Taliska was written with
      > sistem? And is this sistem referred to the runes or to the Gothic-
      > based alphabet?
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