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1Elfling-d discussion group

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  • endorendil
    Jul 8, 2002
      With the Elfling list now back under the sole moderation of David Salo (a consequence of the departures, in rapid succession, of John Cowan and Cirk Bejnar upon David's return as moderator), it seems especially timely to announce the re-creation of the Elfling-d meta-discussion group. This list will serve the sole legitimate purpose extractable from that announced for the now-defunct original Elfling-d in the official Elfling welcome message (http://www.terracom.net/~dorothea/elfling.html):

      "Any concerns regarding management can be addressed to the management staff. Be aware that a separate list, elfling-d, serves as a public record of insulting or abusive comments to Elfling's moderation team. Any such comment sent to the elfling-owner address or any of the private addresses of the moderation team is subject to posting to elfling-d, where it will be world-readable."

      Namely, this list will serve as a forum for discussing the Elfling list's management/moderation and adherence to its stated mission. It will further serve as a parallel discussion forum for graylisted or otherwise censored members to post their censored messages and to conduct their discussions.

      As such, this list will be (unlike Elfling) truly unmoderated. However, only members may post (so as to keep out spam and virus-generated mail-messages).

      List archives are publicly accessible at:


      To join, visit the archive page, or send an e-mail message to: