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  • Alexandra Yurkiw
    http://www.europeaninitiative17.bravehost.com/Campaign2005.html SHAME ON THE 2005 EUROPEAN BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Serbian officials round up dogs. No dog is
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2005

      Serbian officials round up dogs. No dog is safe.

      Serbian officials round up dogs. No dog is safe
      Brigitte Bardot's letter to Serbian President (see full size copy below)

      The 2005 European Basketball Championship in Belgrade, Sponsored by FIBA
      (Federation Internationale de Basketball) is stained with blood due to
      the massive extermination of hundreds upon thousands of Companion
      Animals (Dogs and Cats (Pets)).


      Behind the Scenes of the 2005 European Basketball Championship
      Prior to the current Serbian administration, Serbian politicians
      promised to improve animal welfare laws yet the horrendous conditions
      for all animals still exists in Serbia. Today these same politicians
      ignore the pleas and cries from their own citizens and individuals
      abroad including Brigitte Bardot to stop the torture and murder of
      animals The following photographs depict how the current Serbian
      administration is administering animal control. These animal control
      methods were employed at an accelerated rate prior to the European
      Basketball Championship.

      Caught dogs and cats are transported on "Dog Catcher" trucks which also
      contain the bodies of dead animals that have already been poisoned and
      have been lying in the streets in cities and towns throughout Serbia.

      Scenes from Belgrade's housing for animals, the notorious city animal
      pound, OVCA.

      Serbian streets continue to be inundated with companion animals (dogs
      and cats). Animal control in Serbia consists of; paying hunters for each
      animal killed (hunters present the animal's tail for payment), poison
      such as T-61 and Kreozan which kills by suffocation, drenching the
      animal with gasoline and burning them to death and other barbaric
      methods such as beating, stoning and hanging.

      These brutal killings have accelerated in the capital city of Belgrade,
      this past year in what seems to be a state sponsored massacre. The
      government's objective appears to be to present the city as an
      attractive destination for tourists visiting sporting events such as the
      "Belgrade Marathon" and the "European Basketball Championship". Even
      dogs that are sterilized (spayed / neutered) by reputable organizations
      such as "Foundation Brigitte Bardot" and fed by animal loving Serbian
      citizens have disappeared. According to these citizens, what is even
      more astonishing is the lack of coverage by the Serbian media of this
      slaughter. Serbian media continues to portray friendly dogs as rabid,
      vicious killers to their audience which makes one wonder, have things
      really changed since the media controlled Milosevic regime?

      (left) Serbian media continues to portray dogs as rabid vicious
      killers to their audience. Is this woman mourning a rabid vicious killer

      (above)Tortured, murdered puppy.

      EUROPEAN INITIATIVE 17 (A Serbian Animal Rights / Welfare Organization)
      with the international support of forty-four organizations who all
      strongly condemn the inhumane killing of stray dogs and cats on the
      street of Belgrade and in Serbia in preparation for the 2005 "European
      Basketball Championship" or at anytime.


      Please send a letter today to the following email addresses expressing
      your outrage. You can copy and paste the sample letter below, adding
      your name at the bottom or compose your own letter to the sponsors and
      participants of the Championship urging them to strongly condemn the
      actions of Serbian authorities.

      Just copy
      info@...; basketbh@...; nora@...;
      office@...; office@...; lidija.pleic@...;
      fjugnet@...; <mailto:bgasperin@...>
      bgasperin@...; bueker@...;
      helbasket@...; segreteria.generale@...; lbs@...;
      office@...; nb@...; bf@...; ksj@...;
      kzs@...; secretaria@...; emirt@...;
      tbf@...; fbu@...; kabinet@...;
      kabinet.minpolj@...; kabinet@...

      Cc animals@...


      Dear Sponsors and Participants;

      Historically, Serbia's war ended ten years ago. However evidence shows
      that a war continues; only this time it is a war against Companion
      Animals (Dogs and Cats). Thousands of animals have been inhumanely
      rounded up, tortured, hanged, shot, beaten with sticks and rocks, burned
      and poisoned in order to make Belgrade's streets pristine for your 2005
      European Basketball championship, causing this sporting event to be
      smeared with blood. Serbian officials have ignored the cries and pleas
      of individuals in Serbia and worldwide to halt these atrocities and
      implement better animal welfare laws and policies. Since this savage
      massacre was caused by the preparations for your sporting event, I would
      ask you and the sponsors of the 2005 FIBA Eurochampionships to denounce
      these atrocities publicly. I would also ask that you urge the Serbian
      government to cease the brutal round up of animals, legislate and
      enforce better animal welfare laws and implement a sterilization (spay /
      neuter) program for all companion animals living on the streets
      throughout Serbia. We appreciate your help in this cause.



      Ms. Brigitte BARDOT letter to Serbia's President, Boris Tadic

      Paris, April 25, 2005

      Cabinet of President of Republic Srbia
      g. Boris TADIC
      Andricev Venac br. 1
      11 000 BEOGRAD

      Open letter

      Dear Mr. President,

      It's with a bruised heart and a mourning soul that I appeal to you to
      end the revolting massacre of Serbia's stray animals. A number of
      accounts, accompanied by photos illustrating the horror of the cruelties
      inflicted on these innocent beings, have reached my Foundation. These
      accounts denounced the atrocity of the eradication campaigns, led at the
      request of the authorities.

      Vilified by the media, these dogs and cats are becoming the scapegoats
      of a part of your population, which seems to take sadistic pleasure in
      savagely torturing them. Equally, death squadrons methodically patrol
      each region of Belgrade in order to mass poison the few survivors of
      this eradication. The detergents and other products that are used
      generate intolerable agony and suffering. Furthermore, what about the
      corpses of the dogs whose fur is carefully removed?

      I know that your country and people are attempting to heal wounds, which
      were inherited from a shameful and violent war. However, that was ten
      years ago. Today is the time for the reconstruction of hearts and a long
      forgotten humanity.

      The knowledge of atrocious acts committed regularly on stray animals
      crosses frontiers. Your people have shown their bloody and criminal
      behavior towards animals. Your capital is becoming, like Bucharest, a
      window of horror. Neither the Belgrade marathon, nor the 2005 euro
      basketball can justify this barbaric "cleaning". You have the power to
      change all this and to restore Serbia's dignity. Push the elaboration of
      an animal welfare bill, which favors sterilization and vaccination
      campaigns for stray animals, similar to Greece and Turkey. Teach your
      people that animals, even strays, have the right to our respect and

      With hope that you hear my cry of distress, sincerely yours,

      Brigitte Bardot, President

      PETA's letter to the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and
      Water Management

      January 28, 2005

      Dr. Dejan Krnjaic
      Veterinary Director
      Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
      SIV III Building, First Floor
      Omladinskih Brigada 1 11070 Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

      Dear Dr. Krnjaic:

      People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an international
      non-profit organization with more than 800,000 members and supporters
      dedicated to the humane treatment of animals. Our office has recently
      received several letters and e-mails from Serbian citizens who are
      deeply distressed over terrible cases of cruelty to animals that they
      have witnessed in Serbia. The writers claim that there are no national
      laws in place to prohibit such violent conduct toward animals. We have
      received heartbreaking photographs taken in Belgrade of dead dogs
      hanging in public (copies enclosed) and eyewitness statements about dogs
      being killed via extremely cruel methods by municipalities, including
      intracardiac (into the heart) injections of dangerous pesticides and by
      being thrown alive into trash compactors where they are torturously
      crushed to death. We beg you to act immediately to implement laws that
      not only prohibit, but punish malicious acts such as these.

      Violence toward animals has long been recognized as an indicator of
      dangerous psychopathologies that do not confine themselves to animals.
      "Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living
      creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of
      worthless human lives," wrote humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer.
      "Murderers ... very often start out by killing and torturing animals as
      kids," according to Robert K. Ressler, who developed profiles of serial
      killers for the United States (US) Federal Bureau of Investigation
      (FBI). Studies have now convinced sociologists, lawmakers, and the
      courts that acts of cruelty toward animals deserve our attention. They
      can be the first sign of a violent pathology that includes human

      Animal abuse is not just the result of a minor personality flaw in the
      abuser but rather a symptom of a deep mental disturbance. Research in
      psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty
      toward animals don't stop there; many of them move on to their fellow

      The FBI has found that a history of cruelty to animals is one of the
      traits that regularly appear in its computer records of serial rapists
      and murderers, and the standard diagnostic and treatment manual for
      psychiatric and emotional disorders lists cruelty to animals as a
      diagnostic criterion for conduct disorders.

      A study conducted by Northeastern University and the Massachusetts
      Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in the U.S.
      found that people who abuse animals are five times more likely to commit
      violent crimes against humans. The majority of inmates scheduled to be
      executed for murder at the state of California's San Quentin
      penitentiary "practiced" their crimes on animals, according to the
      Cruelty to animals must be addressed by judicial systems in every
      country to deter violence against animals and people alike, and promote
      a safe, compassionate home for all citizens. We urge you to do
      everything in your power to ensure the passage of national animal
      protection laws in Serbia, and stand poised to assist you in any way
      needed in this important undertaking.
      May we please hear from your office?
      Thank you very much for your valuable time and attention.
      Most respectfully,
      Teresa Lynn Chagrin, Animal Sheltering Advisor
      Domestic Animal and Wildlife Rescue & Information Department
      People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
      501 Front Street, Norfolk, VA 23510 USA


      President of Serbia, Svetozar Marovic

      Office of Prime Minister VOJISLAV KOSTUNICA

      Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

      Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services

      2005 European Basketball Championship Sponsors and Participating
      Basketball Teams

      FIBA (International Basketball Federation)

      Bosnia & Herzeg.

      office@...; nora@...

      office@...; lidija.pleic@...

      bgasperin@...; fjugnet@...






      nb@...; rbf@...

      Serbia & Montenegro



      emirt@...; tbf@...



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