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March 6th Last day to sign petition opposing forced vaccinations for I'm sending this to every list I can think of. This is an important petition, so please consider signing it. Forward this notice to people you think might be

Nenah Sylver
11:35 AM

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Aljazeera's TechKnow episode "Brain Hack" regarding TCDS; Jimmie Hol All: BRAIN HACK: I just got through watching Aljazeera's TechKnow series episode, entitled "Brain Hack," which focuses on Transcranial direct-current

Charles Beaver
Mar 2

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ME/CFS Robust Evidence FORWARDED.................. Date:??? Sat, 28 Feb 2015 23:37:20 +0100 From:??? Jan van Roijen <j.van.roijen@...> Subject: res: ME/CFS Robust

Mar 1

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bought - the movie If you would like to watch the movie Bought, you can do so free from today til March 6th covers vaccines, meds, pharm, food, health, agricultural practices and

gail raby
Feb 20

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help with Perl An aquaintance just borrowed a 15 year-old Perl Resonant Light machine to use for non-lyme purposes. She feels quite intimidated by it! I have no experience

Bonita Poulin
Feb 15

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Fwd: Canadian Cell-Phone Labeling Bill backed by a multipartisan gr http://c4st.org/PMBCanadian  BILL C-648 An Act Respecting the Prevention of Potential Health RisksFrom Radiofrequency Electromagnetic RadiationOn Monday

Feb 15

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Re: Dr. Johanna Budwig's Hippokrates publication--->>> Norwegian tra Re: Dr. Johanna Budwig's Hippokrates publication--->>> Norwegian translation Dear Ms. Mörk, please, note that my aol.address does no longer exist. I

Feb 12

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MCS & Social Security Disability: Sunday February 8, 2015 and Sunday ... From:  [lymestrategies]" Sent: Thursday, February 5, 2015 11:53 PM Subject: [lymestrategies] MCS & Social Security

Feb 7

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Re: Frequencies that correspond to Traditional Chinese Medicine Ques Anyone got a good set of plans for build a proven one??

Feb 6

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Re: Frequencies that correspond to Traditional Chinese Medicine Ques Radionics does not work with electromagnetic frequencies , it is said to work with mathematics.  Everything can be broken down into numbers [no my theory ],

David Spiller
Feb 5

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Re: Laser Energetic Detox. Better still -- post sources on this forum so we all will have a source list for these items thanks g

gail raby
Feb 5

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Re: Laser Energetic Detox. Hi Sue, A link to a video which shows the holder you are looking for would be very helpful, if you have one and can post it. Namaste, Linda :-)

Linda Ray
Feb 5

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Laser Energetic Detox. I know that Laser Detox was a subject that was discussed several years back. I am wanting to try this as I am having so many problems with hydrocarbons and

Feb 5

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Re: Frequencies that correspond to Traditional Chinese Medicine Ques U searched in the ORGANS AND SYMPTOMS RATE BOOK. No acupunture thereMust look in the ACUPUNTURE RATE BOOK All the acupunture points rates are thereI also

cecilio colindres
Feb 4

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Frequencies that correspond to Traditional Chinese Medicine Question I have gone through the entire set of 318 pages of frequencies on the Copenlabs book and there is NO reference to Traditional Chinese medicine in this book.

Harley Harley
Feb 4
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