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318 miles on a Chevy Bolt 150 miles on a Leaf..how is this possible?

I have personally driven a 24kw Leaf 90 miles and had 20% charge left.  I have driven my 30 kw leaf over a hundred miles and using the trip odometer and
Lawrence Rhodes
May 22

NIO EP9 Shatters records set by all production car at Nürburgring

In November 2017 the Nio EP9 broke the record as the fastest Electric Vehicle around the challenging German circuit, the Nürburgring in a time of 7:05:12. The
Lawrence Rhodes
May 21

Most successful solar team in the history of the World Solar Challen

Solar Team Eindhoven announces next generation car for the 2017 World Solar Challenge held in Australia. The two time Tesla Cruiser Class winner tries to beat
Lawrence Rhodes
May 20

Unusual Leaf reaction to low battery level. Display zero's out.

I was driving my 30kw Leaf back from Carmel by the Sea to Bernal Heights in San Francisco (121miles total distance).  At 119 miles it had 9 miles left and 6%
Lawrence Rhodes
May 20

Fully solar VW van

This vehicle is totally inefficient but still works amazing well for tons of steel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGZ1zbqAGA0
Lawrence Rhodes
May 18

$89 a month Leaf lease.

Preimier Nissan of San Jose.  2400 down payment 14800 dollars drive off.  Leaf S 34k MSRP.  this one might have better wheels but check. In Northern
Lawrence Rhodes
Apr 29

Fw: [electric_vehicles_for_sale] Zuumer Limited Edition help.

youtube didn't have a set up video but walk around said left two buttons are light and horn. Rt button is cruise. Assume you just unlock with key fob turn
Robert Peacock
Jan 24

Re: Digest Number 3165

Dear Lawrence, Try contacting the company at http://www.zuumcraft.com/index.php I could not find a manual download site, so I suggest you contact the company
Paul M. Rybski
Jan 24

Interesting article from 1967.

... Ford was the first among manufacturers to announce the development of a feasible electric battery power system, followed closely by General Motors'
Lawrence Rhodes
Jan 17

Zuumer Limited Edition help.

Hi all, I acquired a Zuumer with 3 buttons and a fob with four buttons. It is fully charged. How do I operate it? Thanks. Lawrence Rhodes.
Lawrence Rhodes
Jan 6

Stella Lux demonstrates it's solar power at Laguna Seca Jan. 8th

Stella Lux the future of efficient transportation is on a US tour.  http://nlintheusa.com/stella-lux-display-solar-power-california/ Stella Lux the future of
Lawrence Rhodes
Jan 4

932 Mile range Solar EV to be produced in China

Sorry for the HTML junk. Revised URLs below. If not fully blue copy the whole line and paste in. Again apologies for all the junk characters. Lawrence
Lawrence Rhodes
Nov 20, 2016

932 Mile range Solar EV to be produced in China

The Tesla Cruiser Class winner from 2015 may be mass produced in China. This record breaking and award winning solar vehicle which under normal use will never
Lawrence Rhodes
Nov 18, 2016

Carnegie Mellon electric car conversions for sale

Dear EVangelists, Here is an unusual offer sent to me by a member of the NEW_AUTOTECH-L list. As always, buyer beware! The vehicle or vehicles offered may
Paul M. Rybski
Aug 23, 2016

This is one future for mass produced electric vehicles.

I saw the original Stella at the Dutch consulate in San Francisco. Four people fit comfortably & it had a big trunk. The current Stella Lux is more efficient
Lawrence Rhodes
Aug 12, 2016
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