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Event: Live Chat w/ Stephen LaBerge :: Wed June 6th

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  • Wilkerson, Richard
    The Association for the Study of Dreams DREAM TIME LIVE EVENT : Dreaming and Consciousness with Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. --Wednesday June 6, 2001 7-8 PM
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      The Association for the Study of Dreams


      Dreaming and Consciousness
      Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. --Wednesday June 6, 2001 7-8 PM Pacific Time

      Lucid dreaming pioneer and guru, Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. joins us for a
      preview of his appearance at the ASD conference on Friday the 13th of July!
      He will chat about Dreaming and Consciousness and other topics of interest.
      Please join us for this very special event.


      WEDNESDAY June 6, 7 PM Pacific Time
      03:00:00 Thursday June 7 2001 in GMT or Universal Time

      What time is that for me?

      That will be GMT or Universal Time = 03:00:00 Thursday May 31 2001 in GMT
      19:00:00 Wed June 6, 2001 in California is
      03:00:00 Thu June 7, 2001 in GMT or Universal Time

      04:00:00 Thu June 7, 2001 in Europe/Oslo
      04:00:00 Thu June 7, 2001 in Europe/Amsterdam
      00:00:00 Thu June 7, 2001 in America/Buenos_Aires
      05:00:00 Thu June 7, 2001 in Africa/Johannesburg
      11:00:00 Thu June 7, 2001 in Asia/Hong_Kong
      14:00:00 Thu June 7, 2001 in Australia/Melbourne


      This chat will take place in the Dreaming and Chatting chat room, called
      dreamchat You can connect from the Web or IRC

      **** WEB CONNECTION: http://mirror.at/mindrec/

      Instructions: Simply point your Web browser to this page, sign in and you
      will be connected.
      If a box appears that asks you to download the jApplet, go ahead and say

      To enter questions or comments, type in the small long box below the chat
      room screen and use your enter or return key to send the text you have typed.

      AOL: if you are having difficulties connecting via the AOL browser, make
      sure you have downloaded and installed the latest AOL5.0 or 6.0

      If you are using AOL 5/6 and still experiencing difficulties, select MY

      Select the security tab and change the level to Medium-Low. This should
      enable the JAVA to work with your browser.

      **** IRC CONNECTION:
      PLEASE note port change to 6668

      Add the following server connection to your IRC software
      irc.chatcircuit.com (port 6668 )

      For pIRCH IRC software, the server address looks like this:
      When you connect to the Network, you can join the room by typing:

      /join #dreamchat

      **** Got a Mac or would like to learn more about downloading and installing
      an IRC program?
      Step 1: Download and install: http://www.pirch.com/english/download.htm
      Windows: Select Pirch98 Mac: Select Ircle
      Step 2: Open the program and change the settings as described above.

      **** If you have questions, please e-mail them to Victoria Quinton,
      mermaid@... For information on joining the Dream Time Live
      chats, come to the ASD website within one week of the chat or stop by

      You can get the latest update by sending an e-mail to chat@...

      Special Thanks to Brett Lane Robertson, M.Ed <unameit@...>
      for providing the Dreaming_and_Chatting Chat room and Victoria Quinton
      <mermaid@...>for being the ASD Chat Forum Host.



      ASD Information Office
      P.O. Box 1166, Orinda, CA 94563
      Phone: 925-258-1822
      Fax: 925-258-1821
      E-mail: ASDreams@...
      Website: http://www.ASDreams.org

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